Jacinth 2015


A delicate, intricate red with an incredible balance of flavor, acid and tannins. 

Pairs well with chèvre cheese, bolognese sauce & venison.

​Retail price: $48   Wine Club price: $38.40

Right Bank 2014 

Bordeaux Style Blend  

Warm and sophisticated with soft tannins, this is a merlot, cabernet sauvignon, petit verdot blend. 

Pairs well with robust cheese, BBQ, cigars.

Retail price: $45  Wine Club price: $36

​​Sunset Rosé 2016

Syrah Rosé 

A light crisp, "Provencal" style wine with strawberry aromas and hints of dried fruit on the finish.

​Pairs well with salads, light cheese, seafood

Retail price: $28  Wine Club price: $22.40

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Fire Light 2014 


An intense, earthy rich red wine  with balanced acidity and tannins. 

Pairs well with red meats and good friends!

Retail price: $62  Wine Club price: $49.60

Shadow 2014


A medium body red wine with great structure, fruit & coffee aromas, and light pepper finish.

70% Grenache, 30% Syrah

Pairs well with red meat and  rich foods.

Retail price: $48   Wine Club price: $38.40

​​Lamplight 2015


A white wine with great balance,  slight notes of pear and stone fruit, and a wonderful round mouth feel.  Perfect for spicy foods, poultry or fish.  

Retail price: $28  Wine Club price: $22.40

​​​​​​Apricity 2016

Picpoul Blanc/Clairette Blanche

This is a crisp  dry white wine with hints of lemon, green apple, and honey. A unique wine for those in search of something different.

Pairs well with seafood and salads.

Retail price: $28  Wine Club price: $22.40  

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